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Rockingham Payroll Services provides all of the products and services you would expect from a large payroll provider, paired with the individualized, flexible service you would expect from a small business.  Our goal is to make your payroll experience as streamlined as possible, freeing up your time to focus on tasks that make your business successful.

We've invested in superior technology, allowing us to tailor the payroll process to your needs.  Hours can be reported via fax, email or internet.  Our online product access is not 'all or nothing'.  We will work together to determine the level of access and control that is best for your business.  Timekeeping can be done with a traditional time clock, or web timekeeping.  Even your reports can be exported into a series of formats.

All payrolls are processed and produced right here in our Salem office.  There is no additional outsourcing. Payrolls are completed the same day they are submitted. 

68 Stiles Road, Suite A5
Salem, NH 03079
(603) 893-3443
FAX (603) 893-9233

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